Here are a few TIPS to assist you with landing that perfect job!

Job Seekers

Job Categories
  • Make sure you have more than one copy of yor resume available.

  • Keep your resume simple and no more than two pages

  • No color printing or photos on your resume

  • Your resume should be in a Word doc format

  • Assure that your resume tells a story of your accomplishments (not lists)


  • The secret to having a good interview, is in selling your strengths. 

  • Being positive

  • Dress Professional

  • Arrive at least 5-8 mins early to refrain from rushing

  • Focus on your skills and achievements as they relate to this job, rather than experience

  • Respond to questions directly. Ask for clarification if there is a question that you don't understand

  • Never say anything negative about former employers and/or co-workers




Assembly / Production


Contruction Worker


Customer Service Representative


Delivery Driver


Forklift Driver


General Labor


General Maintenance


Home Healthcare Aide


HR Assistant


Machine Operator




Medical Assistance


Office Assistant


Office Manager


Production Associate


Shipping and Receiving


Truck Driver


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